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Holiday Specials

Make sure your front door to the world is in tip top shape in time for the holiday shopping season! There's still time to ensure each of your customers has the best experience possible. Contact us about special holiday packages.

Economic Uncertainty

In such an uncertain economic period, perfecting your web presence is more important than ever. Make sure that you get the right offers in front of the right users -- SFDnet can show you how.


Let us know if you have any questions or comments about how we can help you take your business to a whole new level.


about us

SFDnet was established in 1997 as a division of SF Industries, Inc., which was founded in 1986. We have a background in web site design, development, and hosting for media and e-commerce sites. Over the years, we discovered that simply throwing a web site onto the internet doesn't work in such a fast-paced and dynamic environment. Rather, it is critical that companies understand their landscape and marketing positioning and craft a web presence that fits in with their overall business strategy.

Throughout time, we have added marketing collaboration, support, account management, and general business overview advising to the services we offer our clients.